Thursday 03-12-20 Workout Of the Day

A. Skill work: BMU

B. EMOM x 8
1-3 + BMU

C. 10 min AMRAP
75 DU
15 KBS @35/50#

Workout Intentions: Part A is an opportunity to work on one Bar Muscle Ups, through focus on technique and/or drills. Alternative options are kipping pullups or butterfly pulllups. If these are out of reach at this time, athletes will work on pulling strength

Part B will be an EMOM to practice skills from part A. The goal is to perform all successful reps, so choose lower reps that you are confident with. Alternative options are a strict pullup EMOM.

For Part C, try to keep reps smooth and unbroken. If you are experienced and comfortable with KBS and coach gives you the “OK”, feel free to do OH KBS. Your forearms and shoulders will likely become quite fatigued through this AMRAP. Spend a few minutes on a lacrosse ball after class if that’s the case!