Thursday 5-13-21 Starke HomeFit

EMOM – 20
Odd Minutes: 8-10 Deficit DB Push-Ups
Even Minutes: 6-8 Chin Ups, DB Renegade Rows.

For part A. you’ll hit ten rounds of each movement. We want full range of motion for your push ups and if you have strong push ups, perform them on dumbbells so you can get a little extra range of motion throughout the movement. If you don’t have rings or a chin up bar available to you, perform alternating renegade rows with DB’s on the ground.

AMRAP – 6 @35/50# +/-
8 DB Deadlifts
6 DB Hang Squat Cleans
4 S2OH
30 Double Unders, 60 Single Skips or 20 toe taps.
*Count rounds and reps for B1.

Rest 3 Min


Preform the rounds and reps you received as your score in B1. For Time

For B1 & B2, push the pace on B1 in the AMRAP. Count your rounds and reps as you’ll try and beat the 6 minute time for that same score in B2. The rep scheme is lower so you should be able to do all your reps with the DB’s unbroken and only need to put them down fro your double unders.