Happy Canada Day everyone! We’re excited to be back in the gym for our first holiday WOD together and today’s workout is going to be a partner chipper that can be done in teams of two or three.

Finish the workout in order as written but choose your option of cardio equipment when it comes to the 100kcal. You should use all four options at some point during the workout including the ECHO bike, the Rower, The Ski Erg and the C2 Bike.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all sweat together for this holiday WOD back inside!

Thursday 7-01-21 Starke Canada Day WOD

Canada Day Chipper 2021 @ 65/95#
100 Kcal
100 Thrusters
100 Pull Ups
100 Kcal
100 Push Ups
100 Hang Power Cleans
100 Kcal
100 Dips
100 Box Jumps
100 Kcal
100 Back Squat Jumps
100 Bar Over Burpees