Tuesday 02-09-2021 Starke HomeFit

4:00 work x 3:00 rest x 5 sets*
3 squat cleans @95/135#
4 bar facing burpees
5 box jumps @20/24″
*pick up where you leave off each round

Workout Notes/Intentions: If you have a barbell available to you, that is what is intended for today’s workout, otherwise double DB is fine. The weight should be doable for 3 squat cleans unbroken at the beginning, however as you progress through the workout you may choose to do singles. Reps are intentionally small so that you can accumulate several rounds. Wherever you leave off is where you pick up for your next interval. Score is total rounds + reps after all 5 intervals for this workout. 

Example: In the first interval say you get 3+5, you would start your second interval at the bar facing burpees. Say you finish that round and do another 3 full rounds + 2 cleans; your score after the second interval would be 7+2. Etc.