Tuesday 02-16-2021 Workout Of the Day

Welcome back Starke family; we’ve missed you! Remember to ease back into exercising if you’ve been taking some time off. For those that have been regularly training but not with the same intensity or equipment, remember to slowly return to the weights/variations you were using pre-shutdown. It’s great to have you back in the gym!

A. E 2:00 x 7 sets 
2 power cleans + 2 front squats

B. 5 RFT @65/95#
Time cap: 17 mins 
18/15 cals
15 hang power cleans
12 front squats
9 lateral bar burpees

Workout Notes/Intentions: you will build for Part A before beginning. You may go from the hang if you’ve been off of oly lifting for a while or are new. You should get quite a lot of rest-about 90 seconds of rest each round!

Use whatever machine is available. If using a C2 bike, cals should be increased. Try to break up barbell work strategically- you want to be able to get through the 15 and 12 in 2-3 sets ideally. Weight should be light. Get 5 rounds done in under 17 minutes or as far as you can in 17 mins.