Tuesday 07-28-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. 25 min grinder
10 dbl DB or KB deadlifts
100m loaded carry
5 heavy DB push press (per arm)
10 heavy goblet squats (KB or DB)
10 pushups

B. Core Work- 5 sets:
10 v-ups
20 weighted Russian twists
30 plank up downs

Workout Notes/Intentions:  Today’s workout is a long grinder. No scores will be kept for this workout. Try to use the same weight for the deadlifts as you will for loaded carries. Loaded carries will be done out in the parking lot, approximately to the end of the building and back. The DB push press will be single arm, and should be challenging. Goblet squats will be done with a single DB or KB, depending on what’s available. Pushups should also be challenging- you may opt for a plate on the back or a deficit. Doing them to boxes/benches is a great alternative if full-depth chest to ground pushups aren’t realistic just yet. The goal for today’s workout is to go heavy. Weights/variations should be challenging for you. Do not rush or speed through exercises, there is no score being recorded for today, so challenge yourself to go heavy.

Core work should be done by all athletes in all classes, so coaches will allow time for it during class (not optional today!)