Tuesday 10-24-23 Workout Of The Day

10 Rounds of…

10 Body weight back squats + 150m run weather permitting (or 200/250m row)

Today’s workout is a classic. We started doing this workout in Starke 1.0 and people either love it or they really love it. You have three options of how to hit this work out. Four if you decide to stay home.
1. Jump on the scale before starting this workout and perform it at body weight.
2. Use 60-65% of your 1RM back squat or
3. find a challenging weight you can perform ten reps with.

Keep in mind you may need to take in a couple breaths before your last two or three back squats. Use the 150 m run as recovery and pace it so you can basically get off the run and get back under that bar within about 30 seconds.