Wednesday 07/26/2023 Workout Of the Day

A. E75s x 18 (6 rounds)
1: 6/leg heavy deficit back lunges
2: 6/leg single leg DL
3: 6/leg heavy step ups

B. 2:00 on / 1:00 off x 5 rounds
12 dbl DB deadlifts
12 dbl DB lunges
6 DB burpees
max cal echo bike in time remaining

RX: 35/50#
Int: 30/40#
Beg: 20/30#

Workout Notes: Part A is a lower body focused strength piece. All movements will be weighted with double DB’s or KB’s. Perform the first exercise in a 1:15 window, then rest for the remaining time. You will go through 6 rounds (22:30). Use a plate to create a deficit for the lunges.

Part B is 2 minutes of work, 1 minute of rest. Use the same set of dumbbells for all 3 exercises. Perform the deadlifts, lunges and DB burpees and then get on the echo bike and max out cals for the time that remains. If you are getting less than 30 seconds on the bike, either adjust the reps or go lighter with weight. Record your calories each round; goal is consistent numbers- last round best round!