Wednesday 08/23/2023 Workout Of the Day

A. E90s x 16 (4 rounds)
1: 6 bench press
2: 6/arm single arm DB push press
3: 8 renegade rows (row R + row L + pushup = 1)
4: 12 seesaw press

B. 5:00 on / 2:30 off x 2
30 DU / 60 singles
6 dbl KB C&J
9 dbl KB swings

RX: 35/50#
Int: 30/40#
Beg: 20/30#

Workout Notes: Part A is an upper body push focused strength piece. You will perform one exercise every 1:15, and whatever time remains in that time after your reps are done is rest time. Complete 4 rounds through (20 minutes total). Start with bench press and set up the rest of your equipment in sequential order moving towards the TV from the rack. For the seesaw press, use two KB’s; 12 reps is 6 per side.

Part B is 2 5 minute AMRAP’s, with 2:30 rest between. You will start back at the beginning for the second AMRAP. The goal is to be consistent with your rounds and reps; improving in your second AMRAP if possible. Use the same 2 KB’s for both movements. Try to get through the KB movements with 1 break or so.