Wednesday 8-04-2021 Workout Of the Day

A. E 1:30 x 9 sets 
sets 1-3: 5 cleans
sets 4-6: 3 cleans
sets 7-9: 1 clean

B. For time:
time cap 12 mins 

30 bar facing burpees
15 front squats @85/115#
20 bar facing burpees
10 front squats @105/155#
10 bar facing burpees
5 front squats @135/185#

Workout Notes/Intentions: For Part A you can do power or squats cleans. They should be touch and go. Coaches will go over bar cycling at heavy weights and how to be efficient. The goal is to build weight over your sets. As the reps go down you should be adding weight. You may add weight every set of you are feeling and move well.

For Part B, you will be responsible for changing your own weights. Regardless of if you are RXing the weights or not, you should still be increasing your load. Pace the big sets of burpees, and then pick up your pace on the set of 10. Front squats should be doable in 1-2 sets.