Monday 09/25/2023 Workout Of the Day

A. E4:00 x 5 sets
10 heavy front rack walking lunges
5 chinups
0:45 wallsit

B. For Time
KBS @50/70#
*20 jumping lunges after each round

Workout Notes: Part A will be done from the floor. You will clean the bar up and lunge across the floor (garage doors to echo bikes or vice versa). Big classes may need to share barbells. You can also stagger which movement you start on or mix the order up. Lunges are meant to be very heavy. You can add weight to the wallsit. You should be getting rest every round (~1:30).

Part B is a short metcon. Swings are shoulder height, at a heavier weight than usual. After each round of pullups and swings you will do 20 jumping lunges. Sub for walking lunges with no weight if needed. Try to go unbroken on the swings throughout the whole workout.