Saturday 09/23/2023 Workout Of the Day

6 x 6 min AMRAP’s w/ partner
400m run (buy-in)
max reps w/ partner
rest 1:00

Round 1: C&J
R2: pullups
R3: front rack lunges
R4: cal echo
R5: back squat jumps
R6: burpees

RX: 65/95#
Int: 55/75#
Beg: 35/45#

Workout Notes: Today’s partner workout will be 6 x 6 minute AMRAP’s, with just one minute of rest between each. Both partners will run 400m together, then when you come inside you will accumulate max reps of a particular movement in the time remaining. Each round is a different movement. One person works while the other rests, and you keep counting up, switching off as you wish. During the 1 minute of rest, record your reps on the whiteboard. For example: the first round you will run your 400m together, then come in and have approx. 4 minutes left on the clock. One person will start doing C&J, say they do 8 reps, then partner 2 will count from 9 up. Continue in this manner.