Saturday 9-17-22 Workout Of The Day

Today we have a handful of Starke members taking part in the “Swamp Donkey” adventure race in Falcon Lake this weekend so I thought we would incorporate some of the things they might encounter in the workout…Have fun!

In teams of two…
APRAP – 36
“Starke Donkey”
30 Kcal ECHO
(person 2 front rack dbl. bell hold)
30 Strict Pull Ups
(person 2 plank hold)
30 Kcal Row
(person 2 hollow hold)
30 Dbl. Bell C&J
(person 2 plate hold in the bottom of a squat 25/45#)

*E6M 400m 45# plate carry plate carry with your partner. (Minutes 6, 12, 18, 24, 30)