Sunday 07/30/2023 Workout Of the Day

A. EMOM x 16
1: 8 dbl KB seated strict press
2: 1-2 rope climbs
3: 8 floor press
4: 8-10 strict T2B/T2R

B. 8 RFT in Teams of 2:
*4 rounds each; you go, I go*

20/15 cal echo

Workout Notes: Part A is a 16 minute EMOM of 4 different exercise, 4 rounds through. Pick challenging weights and variations.

Part B will be done in teams of 2. One person starts on the ECHO bike and does their 20/15 cals. As soon as they are done, the next partner does their cals. Repeat 4 times each, 8 rounds as a team. Try to transition quick, and give a hard effort while you are on the bike. Record your final finish time.