Sunday 09/10/2023 Workout Of the Day

A. Skill work: rope climbs

B. E75s x 25 (5 rounds)
1: 2 rope climbs
2: 6/leg lunge to step up
3: 8 renegade rows
4: 10 dbl DB curl to press
5: 10-15 strict toes to bar/rings

Workout Notes: Part A will be spent working on rope climbs or variations. These can be L-sit, legless, with legs, assisted from the ground, etc. Coach will go over options and give time to practice.

Part B is similar to an EMOM but you will have 1:15 for each exercise. For the lunge to step up, lunge back and then step onto a box for one rep. Load with KB’s/DB’s. Renegade rows are 1 row per arm + pushup =1. Go through for 5 rounds total.