Thursday 07-23-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. 5 sets for max reps
rest exactly 90s b/w sets

B. 5 sets for max reps
strict pullups
rest exactly 90s b/w sets

C. 1:30 on/1:30 off x 5 sets
15/12 cal row or 12/9 cal bike +
max rep burpees over rower in time remaining

Workout Notes/Intentions: The order of A and B can be switched if needed. Rest between sets should be accurate throughout, don’t cut it short in the first few sets and don’t stretch it out in the final sets! Your numbers will likely falter near the end due to muscular fatigue. If you are doing pushups from a box or bench, use the same height for all sets. Even as you fatigue, do not change the way you are performing your reps. The same goes for pullups. If you are doing banded; no kipping. Another option is ring rows, in which you will mark the floor for your foot placement and maintain that for all 5 sets. 

Part B is a 1:1 work to rest ratio, so you should be going hard. Moderate effort row or bike, and hard on those burpees. Try to move consistently for the full 90 seconds. At about the 15 second mark, pick up the pace on burpees. Aim for consistent numbers throughout all 5 rounds. Score for this workout is number of burpees each set.