Wednesday 08/30/2023 Workout Of the Day

E3:00 x 5 sets
6 DB bench press
8 dbl DB curl + press
10 ring rows

B. For Time:
90 DU / 150 singles
30 KBS @ 50/70#
15 ring dips
60 DU / 100 singles
20 KBS
10 ring dips
30 DU / 50 singles
10 KBS
5 ring dips

Workout Notes: Part A is upper body focused strength. You can mix the order to allow for space/equipment. Get all three exercises done in the 3 minute window then rest for the remaining time.

Part B is for time. KB swings are to shoulder height, heavier than typical. Find an appropriate modification for ring dips such as box or bench dips, banded ring dips, etc. As the reps decrease, intensity should increase.