Saturday 11-25-23 Workout Of The Day

AMRAP – 30
In Teams of two…
3 Muscle Ups (bar or ring) or burpee pull-ups
4 Lengths of empty sled sprints (4 lengths each) 
5 BB Power Cleans 110/155# +/-
5 Front squats (same as power clean weight)
6 Box Over Burpees
7/9 Kcal ECHO

Today’s partner workout is a conga line style workout. This means both teammates will complete the above number of reps for each exercise. For example, person one will complete all three muscle ups before a person two does their muscle ups or Burpee pull-ups. Person one will do all four lengths of sled push before person to does all four lengths of sled push. Carry on in this way for all exercises and complete as many rounds and reps in the 30 min time limit.

Choose weights and methods you can go unbroken with.