Sunday 02-03-19 Workout Of the Day

A. E90sec x 6 (9:00)1 min work, 0:30 rest
12 wallballs @20/30# + max bjo @14/20″
rest 2:00
B. E90sec x 6 (9:00)1 min work, 0:30 rest
10 pullups + max KBS @40/60#
rest 2:00
C. E90sec x 6 (9:00)1 min work, 0:30 rest
8 DB FS @35/50# + max cal row
rest 2:00
D. E90sec x 6 (9:00)-1 min work, 0:30 rest
6 DB C&J @35/50# + max burpees
*NOTE: The format of this workout is the following: Perform the written reps of the first movement and then accumulate max reps of the second movement until the 1:00 mark. At the 1:00 mark, stop working and rest for 30 seconds. Repeat 6 times for each pair of movements. The 30 seconds of rest is meant to provide recovery so the intensity can be quite high for each round. 
*Athletes can start at different stations to minimize equipment use
*Count a cumulative total of max reps (second movement) for all 6 rounds of each section (A-D). Score is total reps of second movement for each part (A-D).