GYM NEWS: Hey Everyone, today marks the first day we ran our Zoom classes and so far we’ve had some great feedback so far. We are running classes THREE TIMES A DAY Monday to Friday at 9:30am, 12:00pm and 5:30pm. All you need to do is sign up in Zen Planner for the class, then go back there 5-10 minutes before the class and tap on the class itself. You’ll see a ZOOM link. Tap on the link and it will take you right to the Zoom room for your workout.

Here are a few recommendations to give you the best class experience possible.

1. If you’re someone who needs a little more warm up and have a bike, rower or treadmill at home make use of it. If you have any trouble areas or specific tightness work on it for a bit. We’ll be doing a group warm up every class along with a dynamic warm up but a little extra TLC + mental prep is never a bad thing.
2. Take a look at the workout ahead of time and grab the equipment you need and have it ready and easily accessible. Move any furniture out of the way and be ready to rock.
3. Show up a little early in the Zoom room if you need modifications for the equipment you have (or don’t)
4. Mute your computer, tablet, or phone during the workout so you can hear the coach talking and not get any noise feedback.
5 Have fun, talk smack and enjoy working out with friends. This won’t last forever but this will be a good option to help all of us for now.

Registration should be done through Zen Planner but I’ll post zoom links for class times for the first couple days in case people have trouble getting in or want to try it out.

Starke Zoom Class Links
9:30am Class Link
12:00pm Class Link
5:30pm Class Link

Four Rounds NFT

8 BB Deadlift
8 Unilateral Chest Press / Side

For the deadlift, if you have a barbell and plates at home use them! You’ll be doing a conventional deadlift for this portion. If you have heavy enough DB’s or KB’s you can use those OR if you have lighter weights you’ll be doing 8 single leg deadlifts / leg.

Unilateral chest press can be done on a bench or on the floor. One side at a time (not alternating) for all your reps.

AMRAP – 10 @ 35/50# +/-
“Legs, Buns, Shoulders and Lungs”

10 Swings
10 Forward Alternating Lunges (10 total)
10 S2OH (10 total)

This workouts can all be done with a DB or kettlebell or you can use a Kettlebell fro the swings and a BB for the lunges and S2OH @ 65/95ish