Tuesday 1-29-19


Skill Work HSPU 6-8 Min


EMOM – 6

2 – 5 Strict, Kipping @ 31×1, or Pike Push Ups


For Time

“We Are Sinking”

Row 1000m

100 Wall Balls 14/20#

100 Ring Rows

1000m Row

Today’s workout will challenge your ability to pace. Look at your 500m splits to assess how hard you’re working. Your first row should be slower than the second and allow you to get your wall balls started within  20 seconds of getting off the rower. Fight for your wall balls but leave one in the bank to allow yourself to recover quickly and get back to your balls.

The ring rows will drop in reps as you go on due to muscular fatigue. This will challenge you to find and USE your legs when it comes to the second row. Just like wall balls don’t bury yourself with ring rows. You shouldn’t struggle through ring rows as it’s a movement that isn’t very forgiving if you burn out.

Your last row should be a build in intensity with the last 300m being an all-out sprint.