Friday 1-18-19

17 Min AMRAP with a Waterfall Start

“All Day Snatch”

10 Kcal Row

10 BB Power Snatch @ 65/95 +/-

10 Box Jump Overs 20/24”

15 Double Bell Snatch 25/35#

10 KBS @ 50/70#

20 Alternating DB Snatches @ 35/50#

Rest 1 Minute

All methods of all athletes should be unbroken. Newer athletes should perform the snatch from the high hang with NO WEIGHT other than a bar or maybe need to be scaled to a PVC pipe.

Take some time to work on the double bell snatches and keep them lighter for EVERYONE. Some have more practice than others and should be ok with going heavier.

Please make sure to maintain the waterfall start as there might be enough equipment for people to have their own rower ETC but the goal is to use less equipment and create the “Chase” for the workout…

Coaches should dictate the groups (up to three) and who goes first (the fastest athlete), who goes second (second fastest) and third (third fastest). If possible the weights being used should be consistent for all athletes with some ability for modification if needed.