Gym News: Happy Monday everyone! We have on the schedule a 12:15 pm class called StarkeFit Ignite. These classes are geared towards getting your sweat on and giving you time to get back to work. We will be running a trial of these classes and will be looking for feedback Please sign up for these classes so we can keep track of attendance.

Open gym is now available Monday to Friday from 10:30am-12:15pm and does use a “visit” for members with limited weekly visits. These open gym times are self-guided if you want to hit a workout you missed or work on some skill work. Please ask a coach if you have any questions regarding this.

Monday 1-07-18 Workout Of The Day



10 Thrusters 65/95#

10 C2B Pull-Ups

12 Front Rack Lunges 65/95#




10 KB/DB Thrusters 25-30/40#

10 Jumping Pull Ups

12 KB/DB Lunges 25-30/40# (front rack or arms at your sides)


StarkeFit Ignite 30min

15 Min AMRAP

10 KBS 30/50#

5 Push Ups

10 Wall Balls 14/20#

5 Burpees

*Every 90 seconds a bell will go off which is the signal to perform 1 100″ shuttle run. The shuttle runs will interrupt the athlete’s  reps. The athlete will pick up on the exercise and rep where they left off after completion of the run.